Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Deep Water Solo

This is Cuban kid climbing from the water at the Malecon in Havana. Malecon is in my opinion one of the nices parts of Havana, because Cubans are there mostly because of themselves, not because of turism. Malecon is a few kilometers long road next to the sea and at the evening people like to gather there, just everybody, young and old. During the day families stay there like being on vacation (and the problem is that the Cubans are on vacation all the time:) and children jump in the water all day. If you jump you must get out also and at some high parts there is no other way than this kid is taking:) City with around million inhabitants right next to this water, garbage at the bottom of the sea right under you, but most of the time this water is crystal clear. So I also took a swim. No turist close to me I was feeling like a cuban child:) and met some of the most unspoilt people there. Taken with the telelens...

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