Friday, August 7, 2009


Another shot from Lisbon's aquarium, this is a barracuda - for Janez ;-) Again another tough shot - I have two more of this same fish, both a bit too blurry because of the low light.

I was going to mention the Plymouth Barracuda (mmm, with a nice hemi engine :) ), but a quick search reveals that quite a few ships, two ship classes and an airplane all shared this name. I now have 9 tabs open in Firefox, all of which refer to something labelled 'barracuda'. Isn't Wikipedia great?

Edit: damn it, I've now found out that IMDB also has a database of cars in movies - Barracudas (the cars, not the fish) have appeared in quite a few movies, the most memorable one being the original Gone in 60 seconds (from 1974). As if you care.

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