Sunday, April 4, 2010

A party of colors

A friend of ours organizes a series of parties once a month in Ljubljana, and he recently asked me to photograph them. Photographing parties can be a lot of fun, though I need some time to get in the mood - both to remember the settings I prefer to use (these depend on what I'm trying to achieve) and to get into the groove and to feel the party itself. The best photos are usually taken after an hour or two, when people relax and let loose. When this happens, the photographer usually goes unnoticed, this leads to better photos. 

There are a few annoyances to photographing parties. One is the fact that you have to be careful with your gear - with so many people around, there's always a chance someone spills something onto your camera, lens and flash (or crashes into you). Another thing which can be annoying is people who ask to have their picture taken... then demand to see the results... and ask for you to take more pictures because they happen not to like the first one.

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