Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sitting around the campsite

Gregor, sitting on the hood of his car this summer in the south of France (which I've already mentioned twice: click click). We spent a few days in this wonderful campsite which was not much more than a farm with a permit to host a few tents and caravans. The nearest tent to ours (since there was 11 of us, we had quite a few small tents) was around 50 meters away, if not more. We even had a huge clearing all to ourselves, where one could stare at the stars all night long. Because this area is far from any large cities, the stars are huge and very bright.

The middle of the day was usually a bit too hot for climbing so we spent it just hanging around the campsite and doing nothing in particular. Since Grega isn't exactly familiar with the concept of being still, he was literally all over the place - at one point he climbed up a tree and we tossed some rope up to him so he rappelled down. Oh, and the rope-walking was also pretty cool :)

Just to note, this picture was taken on film with a camera that's older than I am.

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