Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This weekend, we attended the University Regatta in Portorož and I was sailing for the first time in my life. At the beginning when I was told what to do, I didn't know anything else other than which rope I have to pull, I lost all my orientation and had no idea where the wind was blowing from. So many ropes to figure out. But then a few minutes later, when I was familiar with most of the important stuff, I began to enjoy the freedom of the wind in the sails. Slowly I also started to think about what we could do better and got my orientation back.

Our skipper was great, she is a friend of a friend and she slowly educated us newbies. I thought that sails are for people who don't understant the speed on the speed-boat, maybe because we had a small rubber motor boat during my childhood and those were the boats I loved, small and agile. But all of us are still learning in our lives and now I live in doubt. On a motor boat the top speed is the speed you can get, but the feeling of having such an influence on it, with trimming the sails and getting the best direction is so interesting... I am quite confused at the moment. I love the speed, but I hate the feeling when you can't do anything about it. And just squeezing the pedal doesn't fit in this dictionary.

Taking photos while sailing requires protected equipment, especially if you also have some tasks to do on the boat. You can hit any kind of hard material with the camera on your back and when you put it in the cabin it must be fixed. Otherwise it jumps from left to right when changing directions and it takes time to get it out at the right moment again. And then there is the salt water. After some hours the problems disappear a little and the polarised filter becomes a must-have.

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