Friday, April 3, 2009

In the club

Somedays, the camera just doesn't obey you - no matter what you do, the pictures just don't work. Other days, you don't seem to be able to take bad photos. You know the exact settings, you feel the composition, things just click. And somehow, photos like the one above come straight out of the camera. I'm not joking - there's absolutely no photoshop here at all, I only used The Gimp to resize this so I could post it here. How, you ask? I used an external flash to take the picture, but left the exposure for around one second. This way, the camera collects surrounding light - such as the green light above.

This was taken just a couple of hours ago in KMŠ, where I was photographing a party for the student association known as MEOS.


  1. Oh, yes and it was a great party too!

  2. Yes - at least, according to my 200 photos it was :)