Friday, April 10, 2009

Florence - Ponte Vecchio

This is the crazy bridge Ponte Veccio in Florence that is covered with houses, and as you walk through you can see a lot of people selling arts and jewelery in the shops, as well as on the street. These are poor people, arguing about why you are taking photos, physically strong people, but afraid of everyday life. In the evening we had a glass of wine there that our professor brought with him. He actually brought a lot of that from Slovenia :) It was nice, after three intense days in Florence, so peaceful, despite the street market. The photo was taken a few hours before, twice at 55mm with a telephoto lens and I think it looks like it should, as it does when you are there. As I remember it :) I was taking portraits of the people on the street at the time at long focal length, so I forgot the ISO 800. But I think there is no problem with that.

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