Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How it was done

This is another masterpiece of Alvaro Siza Vieira which stands in the student campus at the edge of the city of Aveiro, Portugal. The picture doesn't show the good work of the architect, it is more a parody, but a college friend of mine, who was making a report about this building, asked me if I have any different (or possibly funny) pictures of this library. And then I remembered this one which I made when we were walking through some new construction yard to this student campus. The photoshop was done quickly, so where I had to make it manually, the edges are still a little green :) Also the original picture is OK, because the sky is white and grey and there are only two colours, green and orange. Sadly, I can't find the original. The thing I like most of this building is the interior, because the five floors are joined so nicely into one big hall, and some details make the outside world look like a picture framed in the external frontage. It is hard to show that in the picture, but I have to admit that the man is a genius.


  1. It's awesome, I love it. Can't find the original? Damn, you really need an efficient system to keep track of your photos ;)

  2. I bet this picture went quite trough a lot of Photoshopping...

  3. Depends on your definition of quite a lot :)

    Yes, obviously Photoshop was used to make everything black-and-white, then to return the orange color.

    Most of the time we try to stay away from Photoshop, just using it to resize and crop pictures (and we have a large number of photos here that were taken on film - these are usually left completely alone, except of course for resizing). When we do use it, it's usually in an obvious way.

  4. As Jure already said, it was used just for the colour swapping... I would post the original one which is also nice, only orange and green, but as I said, I sadly don't find it :) And here also the orange is boosted very high, for the bigger effect.