Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ghost of a photographer - double trouble

Picture taken on Rožnik, where Jure and I were trying his new speedlite flash. Shutter time of 20 seconds gave us enough time to easily change the position in the frame. We took a few of these, but I personaly like this one the most because of his mysterious look behind the camera.

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  1. Just to stress that this is not photoshopped at all - the exact same (or very similar) photo can be taken on film as well (where it's even easier in some cases).

    The camera keeps the shutter open for say 20 seconds, which is enough to get the background. If you walk in front of the camera, you won't be in the photo at all, since you are in every position for only a short while (a second or two at the most). But if you use the flash to brighten yourself up (or someone else), this gives enough light in a short amount of time to make you visible (the light from the flash is a sort of delta function).

    This is a bit like a double exposure, but the exposure is only in the part of the photo where the flash hits - in this case, on me (you can tell that I look a bit transparent). In a classic double exposure, you expose the entire photo twice (so you take two pictures on the same piece of film).