Thursday, February 19, 2009

Through the door

Taken in a hostel in Budapest two years ago with a cheap Sony pocket camera. This is a good friend, Nermina, with Grega in the back (barelly visible). We were in Budapest for just a weekend, and we first wanted a hostel which is on a river boat on the Danube river. It happened to be full, so we called a friend who had been to Budapest not long before us. We found this hostel in a large, old building, which was actually quite scary. Walking up the large staircase, we were half expecting vampires and such to jump out of the shadows (in fact, much of the movie Underworld from the year 2003 was filmed in Budapest - I mention the year because there have been at least 4 other movies with the same name). This photo was taken from a balcony looking back at the staircase, which is behind Nermina.

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