Monday, January 26, 2009


I only started climbing a few months ago, but have since become hooked. Towards the end of October, our friend Grega convinced Žiga and I to come once - we didn't need convincing after this first time. We've also taken a climber's course, where we learned the different techniques which sport climbers need in order to stay safe.

This photograph is from our first climb outside in the rock - up till then, we had only climbed on artificial walls. This was in November, and we left the cold temperatures of Ljubljana for the warmth of Vipava, which is much closer to the Mediterranean and thus much warmer.

One problem with photographing climbers is the perspective - quite a few of the photos look like the climber is actually just crawling on rocky ground. The best way to show off the vertical rock face is to be parallel with the climber, such as is the case here.

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