Monday, December 26, 2011


A huge skyscraper in Shanghai, though it doesn't look so tall since the photo was taken from an even larger building - the Shanghai World Financial Center. This is currently the second highest building in the world, though it has the highest observation platform. The buildings around it are huge, so it's weird to look down a them. Sadly, Shanghai has quite a bit of smog, which means that the visibility isn't what it could be.


  1. Perhaps nothing can compare to the view from the top of one of the largest buildings in that city. I bet my knee would shake if I were in the position of the person who took this photo. Anyway, you've said that the city of Shanghai is polluted by smog. I guess they need to start building green roofs on tall buildings like this. Doing that can significantly reduce the pollution in the area.

    Norbert Floth

  2. This building is a stunner! China is known for developing the tallest buildings today. UAE, too, is on top of the list of countries that build amazing skyscrapers. Their works are truly something that can earn good reputation and status as a country. I wouldn't wonder why they have the best engineers and architects today.

    Willi Roofing