Friday, June 4, 2010

Distance Saturation

Colours dissapear in the depth of the sea, but they also dissapear with distance. Slightly modified, but not in a way of processing differrent parts of the picture separately, I find this "distance saturation" looking photo of the wider Ljubljana center quite cool. If you take a closer look of this panorama view from Rašica, taken with Canon EOS 7D I was testing a few days ago, you can see that our boxing champion Dejan Zavec is arhitectural almost as much important fot our city as the Castle :) The lens I was using is super stretchy Canon 18-200, which is not realy sharp and you can clearly see the vigneting in the upper corners. The 18 megapixel photo was useless though, especially out of its center and blogger doesn't allow me to upload a bigger photo also :(

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