Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Let's start of by explaining that this photo is not photoshopped or digitally not manipulated in any way. Yes, go back and read that one more time. No, I couldn't tell you exactly how it came to be, though I do understand it a bit. I was photographing a party (the same party this photo was taken) with my flash and I used a very long exposure (one or two seconds). In between, other strong lights came into the photo - either other people's flashes or the lighting from the club, I don't know. But this is what makes this photo look like a mash-up of different pictures - for every flash, the camera was in a different position and recorded something different. In the space of that second, it recorded everything you see above. Had I been using film, the photo would still have been very very similar. Žiga and I sometimes use these tricks on purpose - such as in this photo of me.

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