Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Party to the limit

This picture was taken at a party next to the river Kolpa, near the Croatian border. My flash was pointed to the wall (so the light from it bouced off the wall) and I took it at a wide angle with my old 18-55 kit lens. The only change I made to this picture was turning it to black & white with some yellow tint added.
And now a short story about this party animal: about an our after this picture was taken, the party animal went to sleep on the roof of his car. The next day the car's roof was shaped a little different :-)


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  2. Me liiiiikes!

    Composition is great, sharpness is spot on the trousers (great texture!), movement is obvious and even lipstick (I presume) heart on his chest is visible.

    If only you could move the two people that are growing out of his head a little to the left ... ;)

  3. Moving those two to the left would be perfect, yes, but the picture was taken in action, so I didn't have so much time. And also I was a little in action :)